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Certification in Channel Partners

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Channel Management Training

Training Certificate in Channel Marketing

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Training in Channel Programs

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Certificate in Channel Marketing

Training in Channel Marketing Training

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Canal Marketing conference

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Certificate in Channel Management

Channel Management Certification

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Certification in Channel Marketing Training

certification in Indirect Channel

Training in Channel Management Certification

Training in Channels Management

Partnership Management training

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Canal Management training

Why Us?

Business consultants are the key. That is why our purpose is to advise with precision and provide tailor-made solutions to support C-level management, to empower the sales teams and to help them achieve their success.


Certification in Certificate in Channel Management
Channel Marketing certification
certification Channel business development
Certified conference in Channel Marketing
Canal Marketing course

About Us

Professionals with more than 25 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, with focus on Distribution Channels. We share our passion by helping others. Our processes are designed to empower and equip your team with the tools you need to achieve success. Contact our professional talent to obtain bottom line growth and increase sales volumes. We will help your sales teams embark on a solid path for improved benefits.

Indirect Channel training
Training Channel Marketing Training

Our  Allies

Course in Channel Programs

Thinking Out of the box

We seek to create unusual experiences by thinking out of the box. We look for inspiration outside of the client's usual environment, motivating the generation of ideas for a constructive thought process.

Contac Us

Institute of Channels

Strategic Alliances

Our associates are expert professionals to support specific aspects of your management needs.

Certification in Channel Management Training
Training in Channel Professionals
Canal Program training

The Certification in “Channel Management” from our Partner – the Channel Institute, will provide you with the fundamental concepts of Distribution Channels. It will allow you for a deep understanding of the best practices to be implemented in Channel Management to achieve the effective development of your Channel Partners. It will prepare you adequately for a career in Channel Management in any industry that leverages on distribution go to market strategies.

The Certification in “
Channel Marketing” from our Partner- the Channel Institute, will provide you with a solid foundation and the appropriate tools in the basics of Channel marketing. The course will allow you to help your Partners to jointly develop marketing campaigns by following the best practices worldwide and will provide you with the knowledge required to excel in your Channel Marketing career going forward.

Training Distribution Strategy

Our  Services

Development of Partners
Canal Marketing conference

We provide high quality management consulting and training services, with emphasis on channel management. Our focus are customers seeking the optimization of their commercial organizations. Our services include a comprehensive support to help identify opportunities for improvement, consolidated reports that include action plans, with project schedules and milestones, cost analysis and follow-up plans.

Canal Professional Training

Each customer  deserves the appropriate time and guidance to effectively diagnose their current models, to design their strategic plans and to accompany their execution.