Module 1- Foundations & Terminology

Discover the fundamentals of channel management, key concepts & terminology.
Module 2 - Partner Recruitment
Learn about ideal partner profiles, assessing new partner candidates and preparing to "Onboard" partners..
Module 3 - Onboarding & Enablement
Get an introduction to the Onboarding and Enablement processes. Learn why these are critical to the success of your partner program.
Module 4 - Partner Business Plans
Learn about "JMP" and joint business planning. Review best practices in holding all parties accountable for success. Understand the business impact of adapting plans over time.
Module 5 - Channel Incentives
Understand the key concepts behind channel incentives. Review the most commonly used incentive types. Learn how to improve the effectiveness of your incentives.
Module 6 - Partner Positioning
Discover the importance of helping your channel partners carve out their own niche. Discover tools to help create an effective market position.
Module 7- Partner Marketing
An introduction to the basics of channel partner marketing. Learn how to help your partners develop more effective market segmentation and targeting strategies.
 Module 8 - Opportunity Management
Review the key concepts of opportunity management. Master the basics of deal registration and lead management.
 Module 9 - Channel Data
Discover the fundamentals and best practices in channel data management. Learn the data priorities and the consequences of poor data management.
Module 10 - Channel Relationships
Master the basics of relationship management and mitigating channel conflict. Learn how to build partner loyalty and strong partner relationships.

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Certificación en Gerencia de Canales
certificacion en gerencia de canales
Ventas a Partners


  • To get expert information about what you should do before you start channel linking ("Channel Partner Recruitment").
  • Understand the key elements to successfully link and enable new "Partners"
  • Obtain ideas and "tips" to develop joint Business Plans.
  • Learn about the best practices in "Partner Marketing" and how to help differentiate the "Channel Partners", to find a unique position in a crowded market.
  • Learn best practices in channel management relationships, including "tips" on how to manage the conflict between channels.

carlos villa portavoz
Instituto de Canales
Certificado en Gerencia de Canales

The certification in Channel Management will give you a deep understanding and the fundamentals, as well as the best management practices and the development of your channels ("Channel Partners"). From the terminology commonly used in industry, learning the best practices to enable and develop "Partners", to the recruitment and contracting of channels, you will learn the fundamental aspects you need to excel in your channel management career.

Profesionales de Canales
channel marketing certificate

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Socios de canal
certificación en Gerencia de canales
Certificado en Mercadeo de canales

Certification in Channel Management

exercise the role of a Channel Manager.

concepts of a Channel Manager.

manage a channel team

workshop of channel managment

management channel practices

management of channel partners

channel management industry

contracting of channels

recruitment of channels

channel linking

Channel Partner Recruitment

link new Partners

enable new Partners

develop joint Business Plans

Partner Marketing

differentiate the Channel Partners

channel management relationships

Onboarding channel management

Enablement channel management

Channel management Incentives

Market Positioning for Partners

Channel Data Management

Opportunity Management

Official Certificate of Competence from The Channel Institute

core concepts of channel management

best practices in managing

developing channel partners

channel management career

best practices in partner marketing

The certification in Channel Management will provide you with a solid base about the essential concepts required to exercise the role of a Channel Manager. This course has been approved by an expert advice ("Industry Advisory Council") this way companies have the guarantee you have the knowledge they need to successfully manage a channel team.