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Corporate Communication Advisors
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Thanks to the abundance of information that exists on the Internet and the dynamism provided by social networks to communicate it, audiences and potential customers are today much more demanding and critical. The marketing functions that your company needs to execute, must perform effectively in this environment and very accurately. Sales and marketing require a solid plan that integrates multiple elements, sales channels and methods. Our marketing advisory professionals will work with you to create an organized plan that will position you correctly and at the right time, in front of your target audience.

Management Consulting

Management Consulting is the professional practice by a third party through which, organizations get objective help to improve their performance efficiently and effectively. At PORTAVOZ we are committed to achieving this for you. We carry out in-depth analysis of existing problems and develop improvement plans, which we place at your consideration and prior approval. We are constantly exposed to the best market practices to use those that can benefit your processes. We are ready and willing to propose and manage the change. We accompany your work teams in the process, and incorporate technology, when necessary, to achieve results with shorter execution times. Although we apply our own methodologies, we are flexible to adapt to the needs of your organization. Our services support management in areas such as strategy, organization, information technology, finance and control, change and process management, operations, manufacturing and supply, among others.

Our  Services

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Corporate Communication Advisors

Our commitment to you is based on an in-depth knowledge of the issues under discussion. We respond to the team's questions, mediating with them on the various points of view and articulating the key messages, so that at the end of the accompaniment cycle, we generate value to your organization.

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Marketing Advisors

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certificacion en mercadeo de canales

Companies are active entities that generate a direct relationship with their different audiences, thanks to the corporate communication strategies they use. An excellent business plan can fail if it is not adequately communicated to both internal and external clients. This is how our services refine your communication plan so that it positively impacts your expected results, by effectively communicating to different audiences. Whether you are starting your business plan or have it already developed and underway, we help you focus or refocus on your market, reach effectively to different audiences or simply create a base of qualified potential customers. All of these efforts  are oriented towards generating tangible results.

The proper management of the sales team and the marketing policies make the difference to achieve results. The way people and companies buy has changed and will continue to change, which creates permanent challenges and transformations for all companies.

There are solutions to achieve success in sales. In PORTAVOZ Consulting we have the knowledge and experience to do it in favor of your business. Our work model is focused on designing solutions tailored to each client. Our Commercial Consulting service allows us to commit to obtaining your results in the short, medium and long term

Commercial Consultancy

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