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Channel Institute is a European independent training and certification body, dedicated to promoting and developing the channel management profession worldwide.  Channel Institute is a European independent training and certification body, dedicated to promoting and developing the channel management profession worldwide.

Developed for executives on Channel Marketing. Whether you are a vendor of the manufacturer, distributors or Channel Resellers, the certificate in Channel Marketing will help you with the basics, structures and tools related with channel marketing.

The Certificate in “Channel Marketing” from our partner Channel Institute, will enable you to help channel partners build co-marketing campaigns with you based on best practices worldwide. This Certificate will also instill confidence in both current and future employers that you have the knowledge they need to build successful co-marketing teams.

  • To understand how to build a business strategy for a technology reseller providing a solid platform for successful marketing campaigns.
  • To learn how to differentiate a technology reseller from similar competitors in the marketplace, and create a unique market position.
  • To get the knowledge on how to develop a value proposition that is compelling to buyers. How to use the “Buyer Persona” and the “Buyers Journey” to build effective marketing campaigns.
  • To learn the “P.A.C.K.A.G.E.S” planning framework developed specifically to maximize the effectiveness of channel marketing campaigns. Understanding how to use benchmarking data to optimize co-marketing campaigns and measure the ROI.
Video lectures, white papers, eBooks, PowerPoint presentation and business cases.
Approximately 20 hours.
Once you complete/approve this course, you will obtain the certificate: “Official Certificate of Competence from The Channel Institute”– Certified Channel


Module 1: Foundations & Terminology

Introduction to the key concepts in channel marketing, and a review of the terminology used.

Module 2: Business Strategy

Learn the most common reasons why co-marketing campaigns fail, and the role business strategy plays in building reseller success.

Module 3: Market Positioning

What is market positioning, and why is it so critical for channel resellers? Analysis of positioning methodologies for channel resellers.

Module 4: Segmentation & Targeting

Why are segmentation and targeting so important for reseller co-marketing campaigns? Review of tools and strategies for resellers.


Module 5: Differentiation

How can channel resellers differentiate themselves? Introduction to frameworks to make reseller differentiation and co-marketing campaigns more effective.

Module 6: Value Proposition

What makes a joint value proposition compelling? Using methodologies like the Value Canvas to build a compelling campaign value proposition.

Module 7: Campaign Planning

Introduction to the Channel Institute’s P.A.C.K.A.G.E.S methodology for planning co-marketing campaigns.

Module 8: Buyer personas

A review of frameworks and tools to help channel resellers buiild effective buyer personas for successful marketing campaigns.


Module 9: Buyers Journey

What is the Buyers Journey and how can channel partners work with their vendors to align marketing content accordingly?

Module 10: Benchmarking y ROI

Where can you find data to benchmark marketing campaigns? How to benchmark between partners and tools for predicting and measuring ROI on co-marketing campaigns.

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