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We provide high quality consulting and training services, with emphasis on distribution and channel management for IT companies. Our services include processes to identify improvement opportunities for Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors and Partners. We execute strategic planning programs and we provide formal or customized training. We execute projects for channel development, channel recruitment and incentive plan management, all supported on digital platforms


Management Consulting

Management Consulting is a professional activity where a third party helps organizations objectively, to improve their performance both in an efficient and effective manner.

Commercial Consulting

The Art of Selling. 

The right management of sales teams as well as sound marketing policies set the difference to reach results.

Marketing Consulting

Thanks to the abundance of information found today on the Internet and the fast dynamics that social networks bring to communicate it, audiences and potential clients are much more demanding.

Corporate Communications:

Companies are active entities that develop a direct relation with their different kinds of customers based on the communications strategy they use.

Training and Certifications

Formal online training and certifications programs for professionals in the channel management and channel marketing industry.

Workshops and Seminars

Custom-Made Management Workshops for addressing specific needs within an organization. Face-to-face and virtual seminars for providing the specific training required by the sales and marketing teams.

Channel Management as a Service

Complete programs to manage the distribution channel for Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors which leverage on digital platforms and proprietary resources to provide complete analytics for a true virtual Channel Management experience.

Our processes are designed to empower your teams by providing them with the required tools to reach success. We have the professional talent that will set your distribution channel on a solid path for growth and increased sales volumes.

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